Concession stand for Swim Meet 7/26

    Hey, everyone, it's time to talk concessions! We have a home meet next week, with Brattleboro and Bennington, IIRC. So that means we will be hosting a good number of swimmers and families who might need some snacks! Thus, we need to wrangle up some volunteers and donations.

    Volunteers: the wonderful Joan Cioffi will be starting the set up. Our warm ups are at 4, so set up is 3:30-4. We need at least one other parent to help her out once things get rolling so she can take a break to watch her swimmer. This is a good opportunity for anyone who has wanted to help out, but isn't quite ready to step into a timing role. 

    Drinks: -2 cases of water -gatorade -(optional) teas or sodas Prepackaged snacks. Examples below: -individual bags of chips/popcorn -pop tarts -candy bars -things like granola bars tend to disappoint, but protein bars might do better Homemade stuff -cookies, brownies, other goodies. please wrap individually for sale. -fruit cups -crockpot stuff. Like mac and cheese, chili, etc. Ideally I'd like to get 2-3 crockpot offerings. AND/OR ... -pizza. ok, not homemade, but as an alternative to one or two of the crockpots, a couple people could chip in to order pizza and we could sell slices. This is typically a good seller. Would need to arrange someone to pick it up. -bagels. OK, so also not homemade (unless you are really ambitious), but presliced bagels and individual cream cheese packets often sell pretty well Miscellaneous: -napkins -paper plates/bowls/serviceware (needs will depend on what we have to offer for hot food) -coach Ann will supply coolers and ice -I'll supply extension cords if needed.

    Additional notes: -make sure to check out Ollie's for good prices on prepackaged snacks -you are welcome to take back any leftovers of that which you brought, or, if it is a prepack thing, you can choose to leave it for the team to use for snacks/drinks during our final meets (we really don't want a ton of leftovers though, because then we need to figure out where to store them) -please do not drop off donations before the day of the meet (morning on the day of is fine) as there is a lot going on at the Edgar May right now, and we don't want it to get lost or be in the way -if you are seeing this in the email, you can message me (Marcy) at caulkins@vermontel.net (please put something about swim team in the subject line), or text me at (802)289-3033 All right, I think that's all (although I'll probably think of something else as soon as I hit "post"). Let's see if we can make a few bucks for the team next week!

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