Swim team Registration and Timers Needed

    Good morning, 

    As summer is approaching quickly, please remember to register for Summer Swim Team if your child plans to swim. We need to plan coaching, pool usage and meets so the sooner we have numbers the better it helps. 

    Register using the link here - Swim Team — Edgar May Health and Recreation Center

    On Sunday, May 21st from 8-1 The Edgar May Health and Recreation Center is hosting the VT Senior Games, which is a swim meet for adults ages 50-85. We have over 35 swimmers participating. We need volunteers to assist with timing during the meet. This event is a large fundraiser for the Stingrays so any parent or senior swimmer help we have would be great. 

    If you are available please email myself or Christian Craig at [email protected] and let us know. 

    Thanks and we look forward to seeing you in the water. 


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