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Swim Equipment

Welcome to the sport of swimming! There is some equipment that is absolutely necessary to making progress in the water: 

You will definitely need:

A one-piece swim suit comfortable for lap swimming

A towel


A swim cap, unless you have extremely short hair

A water bottle

Meet Wear

A red team swim suit. Order using the Swim Outlet link to the right.

A team swim cap. Each child will receive a new swim cap each season. 

*About Goggles

What they’re for: Keeping water out of your eyes so you can see while you're swimming.

What to look for: Be sure to purchase a quality pair of goggles designed for lap swimming or swim competition. You can find various high-quality goggles in the Team Gear Store -- see link on the right side of this page. Poorly-fitting goggles are one of the most common complaints of new swimmers, and you won't enjoy practice if water is constantly leaking into your goggles. Competition goggles have a lower profile and sit closer to the eye socket. Most experienced competitive swimmers prefer them, but if you are a younger or brand new to swim team, you might find a pair of regular lap-swimming goggles to be more comfortable.

Once you find a style that fits you well, it is worth getting a second pair and keeping them in your swim bag. Goggles have a maddening tendency to break or go missing at the least opportune times, like two minutes before you're supposed to swim your favorite event at the championship meet. You will look like a genius if you calmly pull out your back-up pair and step up to the blocks.

How to use them: The straps should go directly around the head in line with the eye area. Don’t pull the straps down around the base of the scull, have them too high, or put them over the ears.

How to choose them: They need to fit your face. Ensure you feel suction around the eyes when the goggles are pressed to the eye sockets. Leave them on for a minute and turn from side to side, make sure there is no air moving into the goggles (that will be water coming in in the pool). Goggles that have an adjustable nose-piece are helpful for correct fit. Mirrored lenses block more of the sun’s glare and some swimmers prefer them for outdoor swimming.

The strap on your goggles can also be replaced with a bungee strap (purchased separately). Many swimmers prefer a bungee strap as it allows you to adjust the tightness of your goggles quickly and easily.

Other tips: Goggles should not need to be super tight to keep the water out. If goggles are consistently leaking and you have tried tightening them and adjusting the nose-piece, you need to try another pair! They will not magically start fitting better! 

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